Western Power Products Inc.

Our mission is clear. We strive to be the premier engine, drivetrain and related systems provider as measured by our customers, dealers, employees, and suppliers. We believe that in order to accomplish this we must offer superior products, class-leading customer service, and continued long-term commitment to the markets and communities in which we serve.

For all of your engine and drivetrain needs, we are at your service. Our staff of professionals are dedicated to provide complete systems and support. Professionalism in Customer Service is not just our motto but what we live and operate by at Western Power Products.

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Engineering Experts

  • Western Power Products offers a wide range of design and engineering capabilities. We can help you in your OEM application questions in addition to providing full custom design engineering services. From concept to delivery we’ll help bring your product idea to a finished state. Our in-house engineers have many years of industry specific experience to meet your requests.

    Services include 2D and 3D design using the latest SolidWorks Office Professional software including precision technology, Prototype design for custom application producing realistic 3D images of end product, and Application Testing.

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